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Huawei's Revenues 2022 at $91.5 Billion as U.S Sanctions Dwindle

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd,the Chinese tech giant, deemed a growth of 0.4% annually, for the year 2022, as U.S. sanctions have waned away. Revenues for the year are expected to reach 636.9 billion yuan ($$91.53 billion).

In 2021, revenue fell to 634 billion yuan ($99.48 billion) and marked a 30% year-on-year sales drop as the U.S. sanctions on the company were effective.

Still, revenue for 2022 is somehow below the company's record of $122 billion in 2019,back when the company was at the top of the game as the top Android smartphone vendor.

All in all. sales have plummeted since 2019 ,but the company continues to generate revenue through its networking equipment and cloud divisions.


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