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Multi-Account Manager (MAM) Solution

Earn rewards with our business money management solution
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What is a MAM account?

Explore the expansive realm of Multi-Account Manager (MAM) at 9Bullsfx—a strategic gateway where astute financial management intertwines with corporate finesse. Our esteemed Vantage MAM account empowers proficient fund managers to leverage their expertise in trading Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities, and more, utilizing CFDs, while effectively representing the best interests of their esteemed clientele. As skilled MAM specialists, they deftly navigate the intricate landscape of commissions, performance fees, and management fees, luxuriating in the gratifying rewards derived from the triumphs of their valued clients. 

Ready to take off with MAM?

Your new WIN-WIN Game is One Click away

It only takes 3 minutes to get your account set up and ready for trading.

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How does a MAM account work?

Experience the power of prorated profit-sharing with 9Bullsfx's MAM account—a sophisticated solution that enables seasoned traders to actively engage in investment decisions and fund allocation across diverse trading strategies. Unlike PAMM accounts, our MAM platform excels in it's precise fund allocation capabilities. It caters to the preferences of astute traders who seek greater control and involvement.

At 9Bullsfx, we provide an unrivaled infrastructure for money managers, recognizing the paramount importance of partnering with an established, award-winning broker. Join our esteemed clientele and witness firsthand the popularity and global acclaim of our 9Bullsfx MAM platform. Embrace a partnership that speaks volumes about our stellar reputation in the world of money management.

8 Reasons to start MAM Accounts

Ensure optimal trade allocation with the minimum trade volume requirement

Tailor rewards, fees, and commissions to your preferences

Allocate equity using a standardized method of allocation

Leverage EA trading capabilities as a MAM master

Gain access to STP and instant allocation with master accounts

Experience real-time order management, including instant addition and removal of funds

Enjoy the freedom to employ any trading style, including scalping and hedging

Leverage full trade control with master accounts, including partial order close, pending orders, and SL/TP capabilities

Join our MAM program

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1st Step

Sign up

Become part of a prestigious multi-asset brokerage and choose from our diverse range of flexible programs.

2nd Step

Refer Clients

Expand your referral or affiliate business by introducing new clients to 9Bullsfx.

3rd Step

Start Earning

Earn competitive CPA or rebates that surpass industry standards for each referred account and their trades.

Ready to get started?

It only takes 3 minutes to get your account set up and ready for trading.

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